The start of the journey

After two and a half years living in Italy, I’m now back in the Netherlands for Christmas.
I think this is a nice time to start my blog because from this moment I am really a traveler. I don’t have a ‘house’ anymore. I have put all my stuff, that I’m not carrying with me, in a storage. So, after living with my parents for 22 years, living together, with my (that time) boyfriend, for 3 years and a couple of months in a basic student room, with lovely roommates, I’m officially homeless.
My plans for the next couple of months? New Years in Hamburg, Germany. After that attending the wedding of my dear friends in the States. Then going back to Italy, but not to my ‘home base’ Bologna, but further south. I am going to work on a farm and enjoy the south of Italy for a bit. Because untill now I’ve mostly traveled in the north of Italy. Ok I’ve traveled to Rome (1 day, way too short) and Sardinia (holiday, mostly beaches). Which was all very nice, but I’ve never experienced the south like everybody is always talking about it. After my south of Italy adventures I want to go to Asia and Australia. Still no solid plans for there but I’m working on it.
Since I just graduated from my masters(I can call myself dottoressa Elisabeth now) and after a relationship of 7 years, I’m totally ready for this new journey full of adventures. And this time I’m gonna do it all alone. Travel and work in places that are unknown for me. Which is a bit scary, but mostly really exciting for me.

With this blog I hope to keep my family and friends up-to-date with everything that happens during these months. I hope you guys enjoy reading my blogs and I would love to hear tips and advices.

XXX Elisabethimg_0520