Scary (just a little bit) journey.

We were super lazy so we stayed another night😇. The next day we went to another cave. We had a choice of 4 different tours and we took the 2 hour one. When we arrived at the cave the guide laughed at me when I was ready to walk in. “You go with this pants?” (Long pants because I was riding the scooter) “water till here!!”(pointing at his waist.) I had my backpack with camera, phone, passport and other papers with me and it scared me a bit. But I thought: he is probably exaggerating and I’ll survive. But when we got into the cave there was so much water! Continue reading “Scary (just a little bit) journey.”

Train/scooter journey

Here I am again. Laying at a swimming pool with two giant spiders above my head😳.

One of the spiders.

After the jungle tour I went to Ayutthaya. There are some great old temples there and I walked around with a guy I met at the jungle tour. He would catch the train in the evening to Chiang Mai. I wanted to do it a little more relaxed so I was staying in Ayutthaya. I booked a bed in a female dorm. But there was nobody else so I actually had a private room, with even a bathroom(cold shower and no toilet flush, just a little bucket and water). Continue reading “Train/scooter journey”

Lonely journey?

More than once I’ve had the question: but are you gonna travel alone? Isn’t that lonely? Luckily not!

I’m happy I’ve learnt dealing with being along before, otherwise I might have been a bit miserable right now. When I just moved to Italy I’ve had countless nights of crying myself to sleep. I was so sad because nobody wanted to be my friend (not true of course), having dinner alone in my apartment a couple of days in a row, not receiving replies on my texts to Holland or sometimes not even having a real life conversation all day long. But after a while I learnt that it takes a lot of time to grow a whole new group of friends, dinners alone are awesome, also I forget to text back my friends (I’m so sorry!) and the people at the supermarket, square or park are perfect conversation partners. It is good that I’ve all learnt this before going to backpack by myself. I’ve been traveling alone the last two days and I’ve not had a lot of conversations. But that is fine for me. Doing everything at my own pace(quickly trough all the “must sees” and more relaxer just wandering around). Continue reading “Lonely journey?”

Internet journey.

I’ve wrote this a couple of days back but wasn’t able to post anything because I couldn’t enter the website. Hope it is gonna be fine from now on.

After I had a good night of sleep the first night, I overcame my jet-lag quick(I thought). I’m still having weird hunger kicks. One day even had two dinners😳 one at 17:00 and one at 21:00. But sleeping goes well. If my Spanish roommates don’t decide to come home drunk at 7:00am and turn on the lights. Continue reading “Internet journey.”

Journey to Thailand


I’m here! In Thailand. After a long flight without almost any sleep, a short train trip and a taxi drive I arrived at my hostel. It’s simple but ok to start with. I was a bit too early to check in, so I walked around the neighborhood a bit. First mistake, forgetting my sunscreen. I almost had to run from shadow to shadow to not burn alive. After my walk I had a little nap because there were no other roommates yet, in my woman dorm room with 6 beds😐. After the nap I only felt worse, but I’m still awake now at 23:00 Thailand time. Hopefully I can manage the jet-lag. In the evening I went for dinner and ONE(!) beer to Khoa San Road, I think the most crazy street of Bangkok. From people who let their children play with street rats to people who sell black fried scorpions. Crazy people in this world 😂
But now it is really the time to go to bed, lots of things to do tomorrow!
Xxx Elisabeth