Watery journey

I’m sorry for not writing for a while but I’ve been so busy, mostly with chilling, that I haven’t been able to write a blog. But I’m making up with it by posting a really long blog this time. And with a lot of pictures that makes you want summer come even faster.πŸ˜‚πŸŒ΄πŸŒ…

In Bangkok I shared a airbnb with Devin and Julia, I arrived at the first day of Songkran and in the evening we went to Khao San Road to celebrate. Within 10 minutes we were soaked and getting cold. Because of the dead of the king last year the celebrating at Khao San Road was ended at 20:00. We had some dinner and went home for a nice girls night. The next day Julia left and I went shopping with Devin for her last day of her travel. She left to go back home in the evening.

Songkran ready(notice the bikini πŸ‘™)


Found Nijntje/Miffy at the mall





The morning after I went to the airport to pick up Luca who came to visit from Italy. I was looking forward to spend some time with someone I knew and to just talk about home for a bit. When he arrived we brought our stuff to the hotel and went celebrating Songkran. It was the last day and it looked like everybody went even more crazy than the days before. There were people with buckets of water everywhere! In the end we got(totally soaked again) a foot massage. The next morning we had a walk in the park where there were supposed to be monitor lizards. Since I’m not impressed anymore by the smaller ones(just oversized lizards) I thought it wasn’t that amazing. At noon we got on to a plane to Phuket. As soon as we got of the plane I was annoyed by the amount of people offering things! Stupid tourist place was what came into my mind, and didn’t leave anymore. We rented a scooter in the evening to go drive around a bit. It was not only scary because of Luca’s riding skills(after his stories about his countless bikes he already crashed) but also because we got attacked and chased by a crazy dog, which wanted to bite my legs. After our not so relaxing scooter drive we wanted a nice massage. We went to the only place that was still open. And got massaged by girls with super short shorts and who gave us the idea they also did other stuff next to massaging. πŸ˜‡

The next morning we got a scooter again and went to gibbon sanctuary where they adopt gibbons which have been held like pets or to earn money by taking photos with tourists. It was impressive to read the stories of those poor animals. After that we went to the waterfall close by. It was a small one but we had a nice swim and it was really refreshing. When we were on our way to a restaurant it started to rain and rain and rain. So we stopped at a 7/11 and I introduced Luca to the super nice tostis which can function as a perfect meal. Especially when you don’t wanna go outside because it’s raining, or it’s hot, or you are alone, or hangover. You actually don’t really need a reason to eat one of those tostis. They are always ok! πŸ‘Œ Β In the end we arrived at the restaurant anyways and had a delicious seafood hotpot😍.

Good food and cocktails all day long! (Not the hotpot)

In the morning we got picked up by a taxi to go to the boat to Koh phi phi.Β Which is an amazingly beautiful island. There are no cars and only two motorbikes, I counted, so there are no streets. We had to walk 20-30 minutes to our hotel. Which was on a private beach at the end of a bay. The only problem with that was that it was midday and it was about 35 degrees Celsius and walking for such a long time with your backpack is not the most pleasant experience. When we arrived we immediately got into the sea and went for a kayaking ride.
In the evening we went out in the city (definitely 30 minutes walk because I refused a couple of times to walk because there were cockroaches on the path). We had a bucket with a cocktail and enjoyed the fire shows on the beach. Then we went to the boxing bar to see drunk foreigners boxing with each other for a free bucket of alcohol. A lot of people went really crazy and kicked each other really knockout.
The next day we chilled at the beach and took the kayak to another more remote beach. In the evening we went to the view point to see the sunset and got a really good massage in the city. The walk back to our hotel (35 min this time) was awful and there were so many insects. 😫
The next morning we went to a part of the island you can only reach by a 45 min walk or by boat. We did the walk and were happy we ended up at some nice beaches. No people around and only a half finished resort close to the beach. One of the best places of the island.

Living the dream
Sunset at Koh Phi Phi
Entry to the beach 😍
Beach time

In the afternoon we got the boat to Railay where we were just in time for the sunset.










The next morning it rained and we stayed at the swimming pool to chill a bit. When it was dry again we went to the beach and to see a cave. There was not much to around Railay and we mostly chilled the rest of the time(and got another massage).

Sunset at Railay
Being crazy on one of the boatsπŸ˜‚







Railay beach
Hair flip πŸ’
Sunset set up! πŸ˜‚
Smile!! 😁
Sunset from the lake





The next day we left for Khao Sok national park for a two day trekking. The taxi drive was kind of scary and about 3 hours longer than they had promised us. But it was a good experience. That night I felt so bad and had to throw up a couple of times. The next day I felt a bit better luckily so we could go on the tour. When we arrived at the park we got into a long tail boat which gave us a good view on the nature around. We checked in at our cute bungalow at the lake and had a refreshing swim in the lake. After that we went on a hike to a cave. 5 minutes into the cave the water came so high that I had to swim. I was a bit afraid of putting my feet back on the ground. It was so amazing to see all the animals that live in a cave like that. When we got back we had a nice dinner and had a nice night with the other people from our group. In the morning we went on a wildlife search. We saw a hornbill toucan, which I recognized before our guide did. πŸ˜‡πŸ§

After breakfast we went on a hike up a mountain and got to another cave. On our way we saw a tree with bear claws in it where the bear had climbed up the tree. And we heard gibbons shout, it was to far to go and find them but it is nice to know they still have some good areas where they can live. That afternoon we got a flight back to Bangkok and had a crazy night out at Khao San Road.

The black house in Chiang Rai.






The morning after Luca left and I went for a chill afternoon with Julia at a pool somewhere in Bangkok. I had an amazing pizza and an Italian beer at a restaurant called “Il bolognese” which costed about a day budget. But I needed it so much!!

The next evening I went with the night bus to Chiang Rai, where I arrived super early in the morning yesterday. I explored the city with my roommates and left this morning to go to Laos. Now I’m in a hostel in Laos waiting until it stops raining to go for dinner. Tomorrow I’ll get on a boat for a two day boat ride to Luang Prabang.

The white temple in Chiang Rai
Pirates of the Caribbean! Can’t wait for the next movie!








Let the Laos experience begin!
Xxx Elisabeth

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