Laos journey πŸ‡±πŸ‡¦

I’ve not been writing since I’m in Laos. People start to ask me: “So how is Laos??” My answer, which seconds as the answer why I’ve not been writing yet: Hmm… definitely not my favorite country. People are unfriendly, corrupt, high most of the time and terribly inefficient. Which gives you the feeling they don’t wanna help you in any way, even if you ask nicely. Maybe it’s because of the sad past of the country, maybe it’s not meant like that or maybe it’s just me not being at the right places or being pessimistic.

Probably the reason why people are stoned all the time

Just after I finished my last blog I saw a note on the wall in my guesthouse saying: “sex with children is forbidden.” Which is of course something good to point out, but the fact that they have to, is a shitty thing. I also met this cutest little girl at a blue lagoon later in my trip, she smiled at me and stayed around me for a while. When I looked closely at her I saw she was full of bruises and she had two big wounds on her head. When I noticed my friends about it and they looked a little closer we couldn’t figure out if it was something with her skin or real bruises. We tried to ask her mom and her mom made a gesture like it came from sleeping. Which didn’t gave us a better feeling(getting nauseous at this time of writing, only of thinking what someone would do to a little cutie like that). Or a mom (dressed in traditional clothing, long skirt and shirt with sleeves) walking the street like a pimp with her 15/16 year old daughters all “dressed” up like they were gonna have a long day of working at the red light district in Amsterdam.

I don’t know exactly what is happening in this country(and the surrounding countries) but it hurts my heart seeing something like this.

Luckily I also saw a lot of happy children playing games with a big smile and going to school. Learning things and hopefully breaking the long chain of not being able to read or calculate(maybe not that good for the calculator industry since every shop, restaurant, street vendor has at least two)

Saying bye to the teacher who just arrived on her scooter πŸ˜‚

I’ve had a bad stomach most of the days I’ve been here. Even stayed in bed for a while. Which might be caused by the food or maybe by my unhealthy lifestyle at the moment. I’ve been traveling with Marloes for the last 2 weeks and we have the same level of love for fried food and beer. Which resulted in a continuing loop of those two.

The food looks really good at least. About €1,50 for a full plate and a refill

Also the rain season kicked in and a lot of grey clouds and rain drove away the sun and the hot weather. I’ll give Laos one more chance while I’m traveling further south. But the Thai border stays close and Bali and Australia are calling really loud!


Already searching for jobs in Australia. If someone has any tips, please tell me!!

xxx Elisabeth

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