Letter about my Laos Journey

Dear Laos,

I’ve tried to like you, I’ve really tried. But I didn’t succeed.
You’ve not made it easy for me:
Your people only got crazier, more smoking, more drugs, more ignorance and more grumpy faces.
Arriving in Thailand was even a relief, people were suddenly efficient(compared to your people, definitely not Dutch people😂).
You made it rain like crazy for 90% of the days, while the rain season shouldn’t have started yet(and don’t give me the “It’s early this year” excuse).
You’ve killed my tastebuds when I tried to order a cucumber salad and you didn’t tell me “Laos style” means there will be more peppers than cucumber in that salad.
And in the end, maybe even the worst thing, you have made me not want pizza for 2 days! Having food poisoning and staying in bed for a couple of days were the reason.

Though I’ve had a good time with amazing people(not Laos people) and saw some beautiful places it was not enough.

This is a farewell, not a goodbye.

Xxx Elisabeth

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