Journey of a lazy person😇

In between some nervous breakdowns where I’m packing my backpack, checking if my visa is really, really granted and making lists of 100 things to do, I’m totally excited for Australia!! Two more nights and I’m getting on the plane🎉🎉

The last week I’ve been relaxing in Canggu. Pool, party’s, pool party’s and just drinks with friends at the beach. Bali is one of my favorite destinations of this trip(nothing can top Myanmar of course 😍), and I’ve been making so many good memories here. Except for that one massage, which was the most terrible one ever😒.

Before I’ve been to two small islands close to Bali. Less tourists and more amazing nature and nice people. Exploring the islands by scooter stays one of my favorite activities. You are free to go where ever you want and stay how long you want. It will also teach you a lot about how animals react in panic situations when you are driving up and they are on the road. While cows and dogs are easy(no movement at all, you have to go around them), chickens can be tricky cause they always cross one meter in front of you and pigs are the worst. They run around in panic not knowing if they have to go right or left, so just do both. I’ve luckily not hit anything and I’ve also become really good in avoiding potholes. Yes, I consider myself a pro💪🏻🛵.

Meeting friends again
Beautiful cliffs on Nusa Penida
Some say it’s a T-Rex, I see an amazing beach and cliffs
Broken beach
Relaxing pool days
Oops 🙊

Now I have to conquer the rain and do some shopping: long pants, shoes and probably a sweater. Next time I write I’ll be in Australia. Probably desperately searching for a job and complaining about the cold and the high costs of everything😂😇.

Xxx Elisabeth

Dinner with friends


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