Goodbye to my backpack journey(for now)

I’ve arrived in Sydney and was warmly welcomed by Taylor in her cute little room at the uni. First thing we did was shopping cause I didn’t find any warm clothes in Indonesia. 80$ and two full outfits and a pair of shoes later I was ready for my introduction round in the city. With the last weekend of vivid Sydney (a light show all around the city) and some parties, my first weekend was definitely a good start for Australia.
Everything is so different than Asia though.

A couple of things I have to get used to here:
-The cold


-Paying by credit card everywhere
-Everybody speaking english🙊
-No more bin for toilet paper in the toilet(you can actually flush it here😱)
-No more fear of Bali belly 1 (hygiene is pretty high here) or Bali belly 2 (the beer one, cause alcohol is too expensive anyways)
-People having stuff to do here, not only being on vacation and partying.
-No more random roommates and travel stories that change every day

Still looking for a job on a million websites and asking everybody. Just really looking forward to have a place for myself and being able to unpack my backpack.

Next time hopefully on my way to a job.
Xxx Elisabeth

On a date with Taylor 😍😇
The opera house
More light art in the city

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