Happy journey


I’m indeed on my way to a job!

This morning I flew from Sydney to Brisbane. From here I need to travel another 700 km to my final destination: Blackwater. I’m not gonna live in this town. Don’t think the 5000 inhabitants can handle that. But a “short” 20-30 min from there. This is the closest city to the farm, so I’ll have to depend on the facilities in this city(there even is a Mc Donald’s… wow lucky meπŸ™„).
I’ll be living on a farm and work with the cattle. Most of the time on horseback. Which is a dream coming true, it almost sounds too good to be true. Next time I can hopefully tell you it is just good.
The last week I was catching up with all the people I know in and around Sydney. It was so nice to see some familiar faces. It didn’t matter if we only met two days or a week in Thailand or if it was already two years since we saw each other, it was all fun and good times. I’m blesses with so many lovely people I’ve met during traveling, I wanna see all of you again(there goes my not yet earned money)! 😁

Celebrating my job and our friendship in the highest bar of Sydney.

I’ve gotten used to a lot of things already but all these changes make me super emotional. I even cried a few times this week, luckily mostly happy crying:
1. When I saw Australia for the first time from the airplane window
2. In the supermarket when I found everything I wanted, and needed
3. When I got my job
4. When I said bye to Taylor after more than a week

Next time I cry is probably from my muscles being sore and having blisters on my feet, which I’m totally fine with and that will be happy crying too!!

xxx Elisabeth

Cliffs at Watson Bay
Lighthouse of Watson Bay
My boots, which are gonna give me those blisters, pretty sure about that


3 thoughts on “Happy journey

  1. Blij met zo’n goed verhaal Lies. Nu maar lekker aan het werk. Ben benieuwd. Als je een hele dag op een paard moet zitten… (?!?) Sterkte maar !

    Groetjes van je vader. Kus !

  2. Heerlijk to have a dream come true! Maar doe alsjeblieft voorzichtig met al die paarden…..
    xxxx je jongste tantetje

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