Farm journey 1

Today is hairwash day!!! Which is a big thing, because I don’t do that the rest of the week. I don’t see any point of washing my hair if I’m not gonna meet any one next to my boss or roomie(who has the same thoughts). Also because of my main activity here: sweating! I’m working really hard and it’s hot and I’m just not used to heavy physical workπŸ’ͺ🏻. Which results in me sweating like a pig, eating like an animal and still losing the little muffin top I had. πŸ˜‚
This week I did the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life: mustering cattle. Everything fell into place and my whole life was complete. I wish I could just do that forever.
But there also has to be food on the table and since I had offered to cook chicken I also had to pluck a rooster(George, that’s what Justine called him) and help cleaning it. Which was the most horrible thing I’ve ever done. I cried so hard taking the feathers out of the freshly killed chicken. I couldn’t put myself to eat it, even after I prepared it probably like one of the best chicken ever. My boss and roomie(Justine) were quite happy with George though.

The life on the farm is a bit isolated. You start working just a little before sunrise and stop just after sunset, 6 days a week. Not meeting other people than the people on the farm, and on that one free day I’m to tired to do anything.
Next time I’ll tell more stories. Now I’m jut being tired and will sleep soon probably.

Xxx Elisabeth(the farm girl)

Our little place

Kangaroos, not that special anymore…πŸ˜’

View from our place

Farm selfies
Rodeo time with this love! ❀️

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