Farm Journey 2

It’s been a while since I wrote here and a lot has happened.
First of all I’m really old now, 26 years oldπŸŽ‰ (closer to 30 than to 20😫).

Secondly, I celebrated that in Bali! Which brings me to 3rd, 4th and more. I quit the job in Queensland, had multiple reasons for that, too much to tell here. And went to a happy place to celebrate my birthday!

One of the rare free moments in Queensland

Off course I had rain on my birthday, like always, everywhere. The middle of summer in Italy, the middle of dry season in Indonesia, it doesn’t matter, I have bad weather. Still had a nice and happy day though.

Bali! 😍
Cocktails recommended by Anthony Bourdain for my birthday

When I got back in Australia I started a new job, taking care of a herd of Icelandic horses 🐴 πŸŽ‰. This job was temporary but I’ve been hired for a little longer and I’ll stay here till at least mid November.




I’ll try to update more often But I can’t promise anything. πŸ˜‡

Xxx Elisabeth


Horizontal rainbow in the valley
This view😍🐴
Foals playing around
The foals were really nosy











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