Sydney-Melbourne-Sydney journey

And again it has been a while. I’ve been working a lot and a lot of things have happened.
First of all my parents came to visit. We’ve had a really nice weekend in Sydney. Then my last week of working at the farm was there and Michelle and I have been practicing a lot for the big show. On Saturday the show was an amazing success, the only problem was the rain. But living in Australia for a while I’ve learned not to complain about rain. Rain is good, we need rain! JUST NOT ON OUR SHOW DAY!!!!
We had the best time riding the show and the horses were the best they have been this far, as if they just only wanted to do this. With tears in my eyes I said bye to all the amazing people and my Megalong family. Michelle and Mark and all the other people I’ve met during my time here. Monday morning my last ride was also a bit emotional. But a nice week with my parents was in front of me. We visited Canberra, Lakes Entrance and Melbourne together. We’ve seen Koalas(a lot) and had a good time together.

Until I saw a post on Facebook where someone was saying that she couldn’t fly home because of a passport that was expiring in less than 6 months… hmm that sounded familiar. Shit mine too!!!! So at this moment I’m at Melbourne airport, not to go to Tasmania which was my plan but to go back to Sydney. Monday I have an appointment at the embassy and about $300/€200, two weeks and a lot of stress later, I’ll probably have my new passport. In the meantime I’ll work a bit more, so I won’t be broke when I’m back in Holland/Italy. At least I’ve booked my ticket back to that side of the world. 15th of December I’m flying back again. Mixed feelings but it has been good. 10 months of (almost) complete happiness. I’ll try to keep you guys updated for the next 3 weeks but I still don’t guarantee anything.

Xoxo Elisabeth



3 thoughts on “Sydney-Melbourne-Sydney journey

  1. Xoxo! Can’t wait om de de verhalen van je moeder te horen (zijn net geland)! En dan vinden wij het leuk dat het al snel 15 december wordt…. Geniet nog heel erg, en succes met dat paspoort 🙂
    xxx je jongste tantetje

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